Terms and Conditions

GearBeauty is a company based in France that aims at marketing perfumery, dermo-cosmetics, and personal hygiene.

These General Terms and Conditions and Use are applied to all visitors of the gearbeauty.com website as well as any business transactions through this online store.

The website navigation and purchase of any product in gearbeauty.com web site imply acceptance of all the following points.

GearBeauty reserves the right to change these conditions without notice, and any changes will be published in gearbeauty.com.

Personal Data Protection

GearBeauty ensures complete confidentiality of all data provided. Our store has a single view and facilitates the customer experience, which has fast access to all products, place orders and receives communications on beauty programs, promotions or any other relevant content for visitors.

The customer may, at any time, request the cancellation of the newsletter subscription by simply filling out the contact form with their details (name and email) stating “I do not wish to receive further communications from GearBeauty”.

At any time you can access your account and change your personal data.

Freight Exchange

France Post, varying according to the weight of the items. The freight is calculated automatically on the site.

The Possibility Of Supervision And Taxation Of Goods

Orders can be randomly selected for scanning the IRS. The amount of tax levied is the customer’s responsibility. If the order is inspected by the IRS, the value of the import tax can be applied on the value of the products plus the cost of shipping (on average, taxation is 60% of the total value of goods and shipping).

In certain states of Brazil (Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul) other taxes can be charged, in particular, ICMS. These values are the customer’s responsibility and must be confirmed by, taking into account the value of the order and the type of product.

Delivery time

The post office does not allow to schedule a specific time for delivery of your order, so it is important to mention a correct delivery address open to reception during working hours, for example, your workplace.

  • Orders are posted in France Post within 3 business days after payment confirmation.
  • This period may be changed if there is no momentary availability of one or more custom products. If any product is unavailable, the customer will be contacted and informed of the deadline for restocking.
  • If you do not want to wait for the missing product (s) replacement, you can choose one or more substitutes or cancel the order(s).
    • In case of replacement of the product (s), must be made a hit value.
    • If you want to cancel the order, the remaining order will be sent immediately and the value of the product(s) canceled is returned to the client.

GearBeauty make shipments to the whole world through France Post.

The order delivery can take between 1 to 30 working days after dispatch, depending on the destination country and the shipping method.

After shipping, the estimated delivery time for DHL Express Service is:

EU: 1 to 4 workdays
Outside EU: 2 to 7 workdays

For Postal Delivery:

EU: 3 to 9 work days
Outside EU: 5 to 30 workdays

Delivery times may vary in certain exceptional periods of increased flow (examples: Christmas and holiday). We suggest that you should anticipate your purchases in order to receive all orders with no problems.


In GearBeauty you always know where the products ordered are.

All orders sent by GearBeauty have a tracking code associated, sent by email as soon as your order is shipped by mail.

Entry Clearance In The Destination Country

All products and brands available in gearbeauty.com have marketing authorization and consumption in France and are themselves covered by the regulations of Infarmed and SAGD. It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm that in your country there is any law to prevent the importation and consumption of any product or substance contained in them.

In cases where it is forbidden entry of the products, various situations can occur:

  • When the product is returned automatically as soon as it arrives at the destination country’s customs, because it had no authorization to enter, the return of the value of products will be done in a discount voucher, minus the value of transport costs and any taxes or customs costs associated with the return;

  • In shipment by express mail, returns for no authorization to enter the country of destination involves charging the customer for the transport costs to the origin as well as all import and customs clearance costs associated with the return. The customer will receive a voucher with the value of the products, minus the total costs for the return. We will always try to question the customer about the preference between the return of the products or the abandonment of goods and consequent destruction.In some destinations, this is not possible because the order is instantly and automatically return to the sender. In these cases, the customer will be responsible for the full cost of returning.

Exchange and Return Policy

In GearBeauty, our main goal is your complete satisfaction. Purchasing decisions are easy, quick and fully transparent. However, if not satisfied, the deadline for requesting an exchange or refund is 14 days after receiving the order. You can do this:

  • Filling out the contact form communicating the intention to exchange or return the product;
  • Mentioning the Order Number;
  • Mention the reference (s) of the product (s) you want to exchange and/or return;

No later than within 2 working days you will receive an email from us confirming all the information you need to returning the product (s).

It is very important that you:

  • Wait for our email with the return information and save product (s) under the same conditions that you’ve received them in order to return it;
  • Observe the maximum period of 7 days after our confirmation of your order to send the product (s) to our address along with a copy of the invoice.

For our part:

  • We will review the product (s) within 5 working days;
  • If you proceed accordingly to all of the above, you will receive the value of your order within 30 days;

For products changes the cost of sending the substitute (s) is the customer’s responsibility.

Do not collect the product in the event of taxation

In the case of product taxation, if the customer does not make the collection at the post office, the product returns to the sender (to France). The return of the amount paid by the customer upon purchase is made after the arrival of goods to the sender, via bank transfer or refund through cash. The amount to be returned is related to products purchased in the store, not including the freight charge or charges due to the installment on the credit card.

Rules for Returns

For the return or exchange to be accepted, it is essential to respect the following rules:

  • The product has to be sealed in its original packaging, including the protective cellophane or labels (if any);
  • If the product box has no mark or seal, you must keep intact the seal of the product, or any other protection marks;
  • You shall ensure that the product has all items: samples, gifts, among others, respecting the original shipping conditions;
  • Preserve the invoice, bearing in mind that a copy of it must accompany the return of the product to GearBeauty;