Teeth Oral Hygiene Essence Whitening Essence

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Teeth Oral Hygiene Essence Whitening Essence Daily Use Effective Remove Plaque Stains Cleaning Product teeth Cleaning Water

Name: Teeth Whitening Essence

Slogan: Removes Plaque Stains Cleaning Whitening

Net Wt: 0.35 fl.oz/10ml

Product Features: Using the latest bright white tooth formula,developed for people with smoking teeth,yellow teeth, black teeth, and tetracycline teeth,brighten the teeth, remove plaque, restore the teeth to a healthy and white.

Scope of Use:People who want to get rid of all kinds of tooth stains.

Usage Method:

1.Before use teeth whitening essence,please clean the mouth with warm water.

2.Then use a cotton swab to dip proper amount of the product,wipe the teeth surface repeatedly in front of the mirror.

3.Rinse with warm water until the plaque is wiped clean.

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