Safe Accu 50/100/200pcs blood glucose test strips Suitable for Safe

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GA-3 Safe Accu 50/100pcs blood glucose test strips   Suitable for GA-3 and Safe Accu   with 50/100pcs Lancets Needles Blood Sugar Detection Glucose

Compatible with GA-3 model blood glucose meter​

Package included:

50/100/200 x Test strips

50/100/200 x Lancets

Its boxes and instructions are all in English

The results of the glucose meter test are accurate and the price is very affordable. It’s the best choice.

This is a medical-grade product, and the hospital also uses this product. We have a professional service team


1.Best time for measuring:

(1)Fasting plasma glucose( At least 8 to 10 hours without any food, except water.).

(2)2 hours after a meal (The timing starts from the first bite)​

2.Normal range:

(1)Fasting blood glucose (FBG):3.9-6.1m mol/L(70-110 mg/dL).(2)Postprandial blood sugar (2 hours after a meal):3.9-7.8m mol/L(70-140mg/dL).

* Unit conversion formula:

The blood glucose concentration usually has two methods: one is the mmol/L, the other is the mg/dL. The two glucose concentration units can be converted to each other, the conversion coefficient is 18. Converted from mmol/L to mg/dL is the former(mmol/L) multiply 18;conversely by mg/dl to mmol/L is former(mg/dL) divided by 18.

3.Test sample:

(1)Should wait for the alcohol volatilize thoroughly, because of the residual alcohol will affect the measured values.

(2)The first blood you’ve collected can not be used as a test sample, that it may be mixed with the tissue fluid.


Blood should be closed to the edge of test strips that it makes the blood absorbed effectively by test paper. And it should put the blood on the other side of the paper which close to a small port on the upper left.

And then turn the machine over 45 degrees makes it toward to this suction port.


About 15% to 20% deviation.

A deviation of the testing result may be caused by the Improper operation, diet or the emotion changes. And the test error of the blood glucose meter was less than 20% which had no effect on the treatment of the patients.

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