Fungal Nail Treatment Feet Care Essence Nail Foot Whitening

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Fungal Nail Treatment Essence Nail and Foot Whitening Toe Nail Fungus Removal Feet Care Nail Gel Anti Nail Infection Paronychia Onychomycosis

Effect: Fungal Nail Treatment,Nail Gel,Deck yellow ,Uneven deck ,Deck atrophy ,Deck thickness color……..

Suggest:If you want have good effect ,,we suggest you use 3-6 bottles !

Pharmaceutical ingredients: Herbal extract , add medicine mixed modulation ;
Applicable symptoms: Especially for onychomycosis ( ” Onychomycosis” ) , Athlete’s foot and other symptoms ;
Advantages: Easy to use, easy recovery . Simplify , simplify many complicated treatment process , avoiding complicated manicure,
A pull avoid pain . Strong penetration, strong inhibition of bacteria , 7 days inhibit bacterial growth , reproduction
Capacity, so that the bacteria are no longer contagious , 30 days thorough sterilization, began to grow healthy , beautiful, smooth nails
The first step, The foot clean ( preferably with warm water ) , after a good wash dry Sassafras ( Sassafras dry feet can not do without , oh, of course , if the mill A
A rough grinding tool first disease , the effect will be better )
The second stepBefore use , shake the bottle before , even under the syrup , then put on droplets in a disease (of course , if your illness is very thick armor , the most
Good trim , to avoid wasting syrup was extended treatment time )
The third stepWhen syrup drying , and then drop , the disease continued to maintain a moist 20 minutes have syrup (actually 15 minutes can , 20 minutes would be more insurance points )

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