BIOAQUA Whitening Moisturizing Brighten Pearl Cream Skin Care

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BIOAQUA Whitening Moisturizing Brighten Pearl Cream Skin Care Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Day Creams Firming lift Freckle Removal


Product Specifications:

Name:Pure Pearls Refreshing Tender Sleeping Mask

Net Wet.:60g

Shelf Life:3 Years

Suit For:All kinds of skin

Product Features:

-Pearls Essence Hydrating Nutriton

Contains hydrolyzed pearl essence,smooth texture,gentle skin-friendly absorption,

replenish skin moisture,help to improve dry skin,make skin tender.

-Moisturizing Pearl Skin Care

Hydrating your skin,improve skin dryness,balnacing skin water and oil.Pearl reple-

nishement helps to moisturizing the skin.


Step 1:Take appropriate cream.

Step 2: Apply a little cream with pulp gently on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.

Step 3: Apply along the skin texture to go up by the smear, T area from the inside out.

Step 4: Gently massage until fully absorbed.

Step 5: Go to sleep without washing.

Package Content:1 X BIOQUA Pure Pearls Sleeping Mask

Pearl essence natural skin care

Beauty from hydrating

Clean comfortable moisturizing

Hydrating skin

Rich hydrating ingredient

To nourish the skin skin moist and tender

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