Accu blood glucose meter & Test Strips & Lancets 50/100pcs Glucometer kit

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Accu blood glucose meter & Test Strips & Lancets 50/100pcs Glucometer kit Diabetic Blood Sugar meter Diabetes Tester

We have two units of mmol/L and mg/dl to choose from.

About the display unit. We usually send it to you according to the customary use of your country. For example, if your country is accustomed to using mmol/L, I will send you mmol/L. Your country is accustomed to using mg/dL, I will send you mg/dL.

Of course, if you have special needs, please let me know by message. .


1, This device unit is mg/dL or mmol/L.You can choose one of them.

2, Batteries are not included in package because of aviation restrictions.

3, Please run out of the bottled test strips within 3 months once you open it.


Blood sample: fresh peripheral whole blood, venous whole blood

Calibration sample: venous plasma

Test range: 20-600mg/dL &  1.1-33.3mmol/L

Test time: 10s

Blood volume: 0.6μl

HCT: 30-60%

Expiry date: 24 months

Memory: 200 test results

Battery type:  CR2032 (No batteries in package)

Manual in English

Package included:

1.The first option contains:One Blood Glucose Meter + 50 pcs test strips + 50 pcs Lancets + one Lancing device

2.The second option contains:One Blood Glucose Meter + 100 pcs test strips + 100 pcs Lancets + one Lancing device

3.The third option contains:50 pcs test strips + 50 pcs Lancets

4.The fourth option contains:100 pcs test strips + 100 pcs Lancets

5.The fifth option contains:50 pcs test strips No Lancet

6.The sixth option contains:100 pcs test strips No Lancet

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